After eight hours of mountain biking and kayaking, Britons spent the night trekking through the Southern Ice Field. They have 135 miles without stopping! The best Chilean team is ninth among 14.

By Leonardo Nunez, special envoy to Puerto Natales

PUERTO NATALES.- The four members of the England team Adidas Terrex Punesco are determined to achieve a feat unprecedented in the Patagonian Expedition Race. In order to achieve its third consecutive victory in the most demanding adventure race in the world, they decided not to sleep all night. -

This is a race strategy to the limit, since it took them nearly 9 hours to cover mountain biking and kayaking yesterday, the first two check points of the competition, between the National Park Torres del Paine and the Serrano River.

And when it was assumed that 14 teams from different countries were preparing to camp to regain strength in the Patagonian forest, the English did not stop. Continued the trekking stage in temperatures near zero, and with a strong wind, until joining Mount Balmaceda, the Icebergs sector and the Blue River, bordering the Southern Ice Field, around 6:00 am this morning

Thus, between yesterday and overnight, they have traveled without a significant rest no less than 135 kilometers.

At this point in the race, which is held exclusively through the Chilean Patagonia, only five teams have been able to handle the fast pace of the British. These are Roadrunners Adventure (Denmark) and Gear Junkie (United States).

The Chilean team with more options is Todo Aventura (All Adventure), headed by the Chilean military Jaime Valenzuela. At press time it was in the ninth place, as reported in Remota, one of the bases of the organization of the Patagonian Expedition Race (Puerto Natales).

It is expected that distance be shortened between stages four to six, which continues to be covered in trekking mode, their specialty through the Southern Ice Field. The other two Chilean teams, Joshiken and Dap Antarctic still do not reach check point 3, in the Icebergs sector.

This is the ninth edition of the Patagonia Expedition Race. In order for a team to win, all of its members, which by regulation must have at least one woman, must cross the finish line which this year was set at Pali Aike, a nature reserve located on the border with Argentina.

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