The DAP Antartica Chilean team and the Xinhua Brazilian team were eliminated from the race for not arriving on time at check points in Monte Balmaceda and Icebergs

By Leonardo Nunez, Emol’s special envoy to the Magallanes Region.

Almirante Montt Gulf .- The Patagonia Expedition Race confirms the harshness of its circuit. Just two days after the most extreme adventure competition in the world started, there are two teams out 14 that were eliminated.-

They are the DAP Antartica Chilean team, led by Nicholas Tivcevic, and the Brazilian-Argentine Xinhua team. Both teams were not able to register on time at checkpoints 3 and 4, corresponding to the trekking stage through Monte Balmaceda and the Icebergs sector. Therefore they have been eliminated.

At this time, being 01:00 am, the Patagonian management aboard a catamaran boat, crossed the Almirante Montt Gulf of to re-supply the teams that managed to reach check point number 8, located in the Las Montanas Fiord, bordering the icy Southern Ice Fields
It is expected that any moment the race leader will reach this point, the British team Adidas Terrex Punesco. Led by Bruce Duncan, the British have barely rested since the start of the competition, last Monday morning in Torres del Paine National Park.
Thus, they will complete 180 kilometers of travel by the Chilean Patagonia between mountain biking, kayaking and trekking modes.
According to the rules of competition, teams that manage to reach check point 8, must necessarily have to wait until six in the morning to pick up the circuit this time in kayak mode. The new goal is to unite the Fierro de las Montanas with Caribe Bay. In this sector they must spend the night in tents accompanied by the sound of cold winds coming down from the frozen mountains of the Southern Ice Fields

Behind the Britons is the Norwegian team Adventure Road Runners. The best Chilean team is TodoAventura. The last heard of locals led by the military Jaime Valenzuela, is that they were in the ninth place in the competition.

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