Prunesco became the first formal client of the Business Platform for Innovation, an initiative of Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura (National Agriculture Society), after the legal representatives from both entities signed a work agreement.

In this manner, the platform shall support the exporter in businesses it launches in the Russian market, facilitating trading with importers from that country with market intelligence, logistics and legal counseling, contact development, among other services.

“The signing of this contract means a lot to us, as we intend with it to open towards the Russian market and consolidate our position in that market through the SNA platform”, stated Hector Claro, Prunesco CEO.

“Finding new market channels is something we’ve had in mind for a long time ago,” he added, jointly with emphasizing that benefits that shall be delivered by the platform shall be of the essence for its company in order to deepen work in Russia.

“Prunesco is the largest prune manufacturer and marketer in the country. It represents a large number of farmers from this fruit sub-sector and has identified in Russia a market with which it is already working, but desiring to foster and develop it even more, taking into consideration the SNA Commercial Platform for Innovation as a significant partner, emphasized Juan Pablo Matte, SNA secretary general.

Business Platform

The business platform is an unprecedented SNA initiative, co-financed with Corfo’s Innova Chile during the first three years, arising from the interest of the agricultural sector to tackle emerging markets and facilitating the entry of domestic producers to those considered as highly attractive.

In 2008, the SNA presented the Project to Corfo’s Innova Chile, which was approved in October after an accurate pre-feasibility study of the Russian market. It operates as an SNA company having a team of Russian and Chilean professionals with offices in Santiago and Moscow. During the first three years it will demand an investment of CH$750 million, which will be co-financed by Innova and SNA.